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Teer target Shillong today

Hit Number

55, 97 , 21 , 39 , 57

The “Shillong Arrow” gambling room is, in essence, a strategic gamble and a huge trap of the Indian vicious cycle of taking ordinary people’s money into the country. Every day, some people are declared winners in the gambling so that ordinary people do not turn away from this gambling room. In these gambling rooms, rickshaw operators, day laborers, students, small businessmen are also pouring money into gambling addicts. A handful of gamblers returned from the room with a smile, but most of them returned home alone.

Shillong teer previous result

Shillong teer previous result

Teer Hit Number today

House – 5 , 7 Direct hit number – 57 , 25 , 17 , 95 , 76 ,

The gambling, based on a number of shillings, ranging from 1 to 5, is now spreading throughout the Guimara upazila. The dreaded “Shillong Arrow” gambling room has spread to about 6 spots in the past six months. For starters, gamblers offer attractive ways to attract the interest of the common man. The rickshaw pullers, the day laborers are crowded with people in the gambling room. People get hungry after getting 3 times the profit of 5 rupees, 5 rupees and 5 rupees per rupee.
Wondering how possible? Shillong has at least five agent points in Guimarai, among them Jointhakhar, Amtali Para, Battali, Hajipara Dewan Para, Hatimura, Ramchhubazar, Dr. Tilattila, New Para Baretili, Notable Agent Point.

Teer result Shillong today |

These local agents get the money from the main company as a commission for gambling bet of Tk 5,000. From 8am to 5pm, the gambling money and number cut through these agents should be delivered to the Khandar Marma, who lives in the Guimara joint farm area, coming from India to the main agent. At a certain point, in Guimara Upazila alone, Shillong’s daily play is 2 lakh rupees and accessories cost around Tk 3-5,000. The rest of the money is the profit of the agents.

Together with Shillong, the pair sat for six days, except Sundays. Apart from this, the gambling room is closed on Indian state holidays. The results of the gamble were announced at 5 pm daily.


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